What are Portals?

What are Portals?

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Piercing The Veil Between Two Planes Of Existence


Portals are weak points in the veil between the world of the living and dead, whether intentionally weakened or not. These weak points may also be made and formed. These weak points allow for easier transit from the astral plane to the metaphysical plane just above ours. it's like a tunnel connecting different planes of existence.


What do Portals feel like? Portals feel warbly,as if something is off. There is a sense of discomfort, being watched, and like the space around you enters an uncanny valley. Reality around you becomes more liminal than anything else. It may also feel dense, like you cant or shouldn't walk into or near where the portal is.


What causes portals? Things like mirrors facing mirrors (compact mirrors or others) and unclosed Ouija rituals can cause portals to open and stay open. Sometimes even pendulums can cause a portal to open. Leaving them swinging can cause open portals. Uncleansed divination can open portals if you are not properly protected.


Left open, these portals can let in all sorts of uninvited guests, spirits from beyond the veil, and entities that just want to mess with you now have an open doorway to do so. Your divination may not be clear, you may have entities posing as your guides/ancestors/deities, and ask things of you no other deity/spirit guide/ancestor would ask of you.


How do you close a portal?


You typically close a portal by cleansing the energy of the space. If they are mirrors, open the mirrors and prevent them from facing each other. Light a white candle in the space and bolster the weak point - funneling your energy or source energy out of your body into the space to counteract the energy within the space caused by the portal. This should only need to be done once.


Once the portal is closed, it can open back up, but to prevent it, you can ward your mirrors to not open portals (binding or protection spell on the mirror), keep up regular cleansing, and locking mirrors that you may have in your space. One unlocked mirror cannot create a portal, but two unlocked mirrors facing each other definitely can. If you have a compact mirror, slide a piece of cloth between them or ward them to keep them from opening a portal in your space.


Other Important Portal Notes:

  • On equinoxes and solstices, the veil is much thinner and portals are more easily opened and the fabric of the veil may be more easily thinned or torn. During this time, extra protection and warding is needed so to not encounter one.
  • The longer a portal is there, the less you will notice it. You can and will become accustomed to the energy of the portal and you may not even be aware something is off until someone else feels it. It may create a constant sense of unease that you grow used to but never fully write off.
  • Spirits can rip open portals as well but it requires a TON of energy, so not all spirits can open them. This is how nasty hauntings take place. Spirits will become poltergeists, move shit, people get scared, spirits feed off the fear over mass amounts of time, they rip open a portal, and then they are able to do a LOT more damage. Hauntings are like cancer, early detection is key.
  • Electronics facing mirrors and facing each other will not create portals. It's purely mirrors and other mirrors. The distortion created through the refraction of mirrors facing other mirrors create portals.
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