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The History Of Goth Fashion by Arcane Trail

A Brief History of Goth Fashion

Goth fashion has evolved significantly since its early days in the 80s. In the 90s, the goth subculture experienced a resurgence in popularity, and goth fashion became more mainstream. This led to ...
Spells for a prosperous new year in 2023

Spells for a Prosperous 2023

Imbue your 2023 new years resolutions with a little magic! In this blog post we share some cleansing rituals & good luck spells to bring in the new year in the best possible way.
How to use incense and the types of incense you can use

Different Types of Incense: When & How to Use

Incense plays an important role in witchcraft and other ritual practices. It can be part of forming the sacred space for conducting rituals and is often used to represent the element of air. It can...