Arcane Trail was founded in 2018 by a single mom with a deep interest in paganism and a love for dark gothic fashion. Struggling to find quality and affordable alternative fashion options, pagan tools and accessories, and mystic supplies, she decided to create her own gothic and occult online marketplace.

Today Arcane Trail is a small business that is growing steadily and organically as we discover new product lines and partners that we believe will appeal to the niche community developing around the site.

Online Shop

Arcane Trail started out as an online fashion store for pagans, Wiccans, and goths looking for edgy alternative clothing for women. The collection is varied, including goth, punk, grunge, and alternative fashion ideas at good prices with reliable shipping. There are fun and funky items as well as witchy essentials. You will find much more than your standard fashion for outsiders. All our items are handpicked by our small, female-led team. There is something for every part of your wardrobe, including bags, shoes, wigs, garters, and more.

The site also supports a growing goth jewelry collection, including leather chokers, dark headpieces, and statement gothic rings. We have a wide range of crystal jewelry, offering you fashionable options for wearing your birthstone, cleansing crystals, and gems of protection.

Aimed at those with a mystical heart and practitioners of paganism and Wicca, the store collects some of the best occult supplies and makes them available alongside your favorite fashion items. You will find Tarot cards, runestones, incense, and energy generators to support your spiritual practices.
If you are looking to incorporate a spiritual vibe or gothic look into your home or ritual space, you will also find gothic-themed homeware and occult décor pieces available on Arcane Trail.

Arcane Trail aspires to be a pagan-centric hub for those looking for occult, spiritualistic, or gothic fashion and supplies, no matter where they are in the world.

Arcane Community

We also aspire to be much more than just a commerce site but a hub for a community of like-minded spiritual people who want to share knowledge and thoughts on paganism, mysticism, the occult, and goth culture.

You will find interesting and provocative articles on our blog, written by our team and by invited spiritual contributors. We invite you to join in the discussion too, which will continue further on our email list. Subscribe to receive occult news, pagan thoughts, and special discounts on our gothic fashion, accessory, and homeware lines.

The Arcane Trail is a winding path less wandered. We look forward to traveling it together.


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