Golden Goddess Tarot Deck

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  • This magickal tarot card deck contains 42 enchanting tarot cards each with stunning gold goddess artworks featuring traditional deities, gods, and majestic figures.
  • Descriptive images are included on the cards themselves, allowing for clearer interpretation!
  • Each tarot card is approximately 92x63mm.
  • We carry over a dozen other tarot decks in store to suit your personal preference or witchcraft aesthetic.
  • Includes a beautiful matching artistic box for storage.
  • The guidebook for these cards can be found online by scanning the QR barcode on the box.
  • ​The goddess oracle cards will help you give accurate readings for yourself and others. Oracle cards are ancient, time-tested divination tool that allow you to see into the future. they reflect the loving, compassion, nurturing style of the goddesses depicted on each card.
  • Through the use of these cards, you’ll uncover sensible advice and insights that will provide guidance and reasoning for questions you may have about any aspect of your life.
  • All of our tarot cards are personally blessed & honoured before sending them on to their new owners, ensuring optimal positivity and energetic harmony.

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