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Meditation Bamboo Towel

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Product Description

  • This sacred geometry tapestry / bamboo towel has every element a true spiritualist and new age thinker could want.
  • Featuring the full chakra system within a meditating soul inside a merkabah light vehicle radiating out of powerful sacred geometry.
  • With metatrons cube, the flower of life, merkaba, and the seed of life ever present on this luxurious bamboo throw towel, you'll want to display this loudly and proudly rather than use it!
  • 100% quality bamboo means this large bath towel absorbs water better than a regular polyester or cotton towel, while being environmentally safe!
  • Masterfully detailed artwork with blues and purples as the most prominent.
  • Perfect wall decor for a home office, yoga studio, living room, or bedroom. Or use it as a regular towel at the beach, pool, or shower as it's intended.
  • A beautiful reminder that the world is magickal, mathematical, and divine!
  • Measures 70x35cm.
  • Machine washable and wrinkle resistant.
  • Vibrantly printed, this unique bath towel will instill awe and adoration in all who view it.
  • All of our tapestries & towels are blessed before sending to their new owners to ensure optimal positivity and energetic harmony.
Here's a guide to the symbolism present in this stunning towel:

    Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. It is formed by utilizing sacred geometry and looks like a star.

    It is based on love, which created all things in all universes and dimension.

    The merkaba is a three dimensional Star of David with 3D interlocking triangles representing that the realms are intersecting, merging Divine and Human together.

    Metatrons Cube

    Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometrical symbol that forms the ultimate map of creation and mystics, sages and ancient civilizations have revered it throughout the ages.

    Metatron's Cube is a two-dimensional geometric figure created from 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Metatron's Cube shares resonance with the Flower of Life.

    Flower of life
    In New Age studies, the Flower of Life has provided deep spiritual meaning and enlightenment to those who have studied it as sacred geometry. It is found in everything within nature. It is the mathematical foundation. It is considered to be depicting the fundamental forms of space and time as we know it.
    Chakra System
    The 7 Chakras are the energy centres in our body in which energy flows through. The word 'chakra' is derived from the sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. It translates as 'Wheel of spinning Energy'. A chakra is like a whirling vortex powerhouse of energy.