Solid Triple Bonsai - Violet - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Green - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Pink - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Purple - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Orange - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Yellow - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Red - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Plants
Solid Triple Bonsai - Plants

Solid Triple Bonsai

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Product Description

  • Artificial plants and bonsai trees are proven to have a positive uplifting effect on the spirit, providing a sense of nature, air, and space in your home.
  • Simulation plants such as these triple branching bonsai trees are shown to improve mood and create a calming effect, and reduce stress in the same manner living plants do.
  • These realistic bonsai trees are designed to look virtually identical to their natural varieties, without the fuss!
  • Available in 7 stunning leaf colors.
  • Around 21cm in height and 25cm in width.
  • The small bird is removable if you do not want it.
  • Every pagan and spiritualist needs an abundance of greenery surrounding them in their home office and bedroom. High quality artificial plants are simply a more cost effective, and low-maintenance way to achieve a beautiful space!
  • All of our plants are personally blessed & honoured before sending them on to their new owners, ensuring optimal positivity and energetic harmony.
Here's a guide to the spiritual significance and symbolism of bonsais:
    Bonsai Tree
    The Bonsai symbolizes peace, harmony and balance. It shows the fight of a tree against the elements to create a miniature replica of what we adore in nature. A bonsai is symbolic of the minimalist approach of Zen Buddhism and teaches us to remove clutter from our lives.
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